Soil Testing Services from EarthCo
Soil Testing Services from EarthCo
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Lawn/Garden Soil Probe
You will find this soil probe incredibly handy for sampling the soil!

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Soil Tests for Home Gardeners

To make soil testing easy, we have packaged several comprehensive soil tests that provide various soil information designed for certain situations.  For example the Basic Test gives pH, % organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium.  This test is good for routine testing where you want to determine the base level of soil conditions and macronutrients that are necessary for plant growth.  In contrast, the Complete Test gives you the base level plus the micronutrients and percent sand, silt and clay.  This test is useful for more indepth testing for situations like fruit gardens, large landscapes under development and when diagnosing tough problems that reoccur.  Each test is for one soil sample.

Comprehensive Soil Tests

Basic Soil Test

The Basic Soil Test is perfect for routine and first-time analysis of soils. This is the most recommended test for lawns, flower gardens, tree and shrub areas and will get you started with the most critical information about your soil.

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Neighborly Soil Test

The Neighborly Soil Test give you an opportunity to submit 3 soil samples for basic testing at a discount of ​25%. Great for large landscapes, submitting samples for different plants, diagnosing trouble spots and lawns over 5,000 sq. ft.  Do a soil test now and save the others for follow up testing.  Also makes a great gift for a fellow gardener or neighbor!

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Basic Plus Soil Test

The Basic Plus Soil Test is good for new or unfamiliar soils and when plant performance is poor and you need to diagnose a plant problem. We recommend this for new lawns, new garden areas and when changing landscapes. Soil texture (% sand, silt, clay) defines the rooting environment.

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Micronutrient Soil Test

The Micronutrient Soil Test measures all nutrients in the soil required for growth; macro and micronutrients. Especially useful for problem diagnosis, fruit and vegetable gardens and for roses, rhododendrons/azaleas, evergreen trees/shrubs and container plants.

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Complete Soil Test

The Complete Soil Test provides a total understanding of all nutrients important for plant growth in the soil. This is recommended when you are setting all soil conditions prior to planting and the plant investment is considerable. We recommend this for totally new landscapes, new home sites, large renovations and the last ditch effort to diagnose a plant problem.

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Complete Soil Test Plus Soluble Salts

The Complete Test measures all of the nutrients that plants require for good growth as well as classify the soil (% sand, silt and clay) and measure organic matter and soil pH.  Combined with the soluble salt measurement, these test results will help diagnose the most complexing problem related to soil conditions.

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Individual Tests

Soil pH Analysis

The soil pH test gives a measurement of the soil acidity or alkalinity. Soil pH affects nutrient availability to the plant roots. Some plants like rhodoendron and azaleas, many evergreens, some vegetables and container plants need acid soils to grow well. We recommend this to follow up on pH adjustments with sulfur or lime.

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Soluble Salts Soil Test

The Soluble Salts Test measures the amount of dissolved nutrientsin the soil from deicing salts, swimming pools, fertilizer spills or surface evaporation in arid soils. High levels cause root burn and foliar dieback. A good diagnositic test for roadside soils, container plants and when the pH is very high.

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Particle Size/Textural Analysis

The Particle Size (PSA)/Textural Analysis measures the percentage of sand, silt and clay in your soil. These affect the soil tilth, soil drainage and air exchange. Valuble information for building healthy soils and very useful for diagnosing plant problems.

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Nitrate Nitrogen Analysis

The Nitrate Nitrogen Test will determine how much nitrate (NO3) nitrogen is potentially available for plant root uptake. Test values fluctuate with soil moisture and temperature. Useful for dry climates where rainfall is less than 20 inches per year.

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Heavy Metal Tests

Lead Soil Analysis

The Lead Soil Test provides a quantitative assessment of lead in the soil that might affect planting decisions for vegetables and exposure when working with the soil.

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Arsenic Soil Analysis

The Arsenic Soil Test evaluates the amount of this element present in the soil and it's potential risk to human exposure when considering planting edible crops or direct contact.

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Steven Cline, Ph.D., trained professionally as a plant doctor and a soil chemist,
has been diagnosing lawn and garden problems and making soil recommendations for 20 years.
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