Soil Testing Services from EarthCo
Soil Testing Services from EarthCo
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This Oakton pH tester is a handy tool for routine testing

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About Us

EarthCo is a professional soil testing company. We specialize in helping home gardeners understand more about how to build and maintain healthy soils. We believe soil is the most basic part of gardening and that good management of the soil is fundamental to growing healthy plants. The only way to begin is by testing for nutritional balance and deficiencies.

If you have ever searched for a place to have your soil tested, you quickly learn that home gardeners have limited options. Our service is convenient and fast with online ordering and online test results. We provide organic and other recommendations to correct pH and nutrient problems for lawns, flower gardens, trees and shrubs as well as vegetables, herbs and fruit. Unlike most soil testing companies that work primarily with agricultural crops, we specialize in horticulture and provide recommendations that tell you exactly what to do to correct the soil problems and nutrient imbalances.

EarthCo's soil report
EarthCo's soil report is graphical and easy-to-read with recommendations expressed in common terms. Fertilizers and soil amendments are listed by the brand name so that there is no question about what to buy. If something needs to be added to the soil, the amount of each product is given in household measurements like cups and tablespoons, as well as ounces and pounds.

Ordering a soil test has been made very easy. Start by learning about the different types of soil tests available and what information they will give you. We also offer some Individual tests like soil pH & soluble salts as well as a select number of tests for heavy metals (lead, arsenic etc.). Then, place your order and receive a testing packet in the mail containing information on how to collect a proper soil sample, a Soil Tips booklet and a prepaid mailer for sending it off without going to the post office. All the necessary forms are available in the materials that will be sent to you. If you are in a hurry, you can request a rush order. This cuts off 2-3 extra days in mailing time for no additional charge.  Howvever, you will be responsible for mailing the sample directly to our lab.

When your results are completed, we will notify you by email. You can then go to report login on the EarthCo website and access your report. This will require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free if you do not already have it on your system. Instructions are given in the email message you will receive from EarthCo. Overall, this is the fastest possible way to get your soil test results from any professional soil laboratory.

Understanding the results so that you can apply the right amount of fertilizer or correct a nutrient deficiency is very important to us. We know that you may have horticultural questions or require some additional information about soils. For timely suggestions, we invite you to access our Frequently Asked Questions section. Many soil questions will be answered here. If you need additional assistance before or after the sample is tested, leave Dr. GoodEarth an email message.  This is the best wasy to get a response.  Calls to our office (314) 994-2167 (Central Time) are handled in the order taken but the best way to get a quick answer is by email. 

Our mailing address is:EarthCo, Inc., P.O. Box 50084, St. Louis, MO 63105. 

Our lab address is:  EarthCo, Inc., 1511 E. Main St., Belleville, IL 62222.




Steven Cline, Ph.D., trained professionally as a plant doctor and a soil chemist,
has been diagnosing lawn and garden problems and making soil recommendations for 20 years.
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